Why Launch Mighty Fit? Why Not!

Updated: Jun 25, 2020

What do you do when a global pandemic hits? You pursue a dream that has been on the back burner of course! I first dreamt up the Mighty Fit brand of fitness several years ago, but work, family and life in general kept me from pursuing my vision. It was the recent gift of time provided by the unfortunate COVID-19 crisis that motivated me to make it a reality.

As a career video producer and lifelong fitness enthusiast, Mighty Fit provides an opportunity for me to bring my two worlds together. My goals for Mighty Fit are threefold:

Focus on Something I'm Passionate About: Living Fit! Throughout my life I've been active and enjoyed sports, weight-lifting, and eating well (within reason!). As I grow older, I have an even greater appreciation for staying active and eating well. Plus, I enjoy learning about fitness and nutrition and sharing my successes... and failures... with others. By creating a fitness-focused endeavor, I can now dedicate time and energy to benefit myself, my family, and others.

Help Raise the Profile of and Increase Access to Talented Fitness Professionals. We started Mighty Fit to take people who know how to help others with the mind and body, and get their expertise and their passion out into the community. This online community connects talented fitness professionals from across the nation with people who want to nurture their minds and challenge their bodies with a variety of workouts, articles, and resources. Thus, our high quality fitness videos and content are led by certified fitness instructors and coaches who are passionate about helping others to live fit and be well. If you're a fitness pro and want to be part of the Mighty Fit community, reach out to us and we'll share our model for partnering.

Support Others in Living Fit Lifestyles. Although there are plenty of fitness videos and resources out there, I know that the Mighty Fit network of fitness professionals and coaches have something unique and valuable to offer too! Plus, we want you to connect with and explore all of what our instructors have to offer. One of the greatest benefits of becoming a certified Yoga Sculpt instructor has been connecting with people who share a passion for living fit and helping others to do the same. I've also learned so much just being around like-minded people who attend my classes. Creating Mighty Fit as an online community where these same like-minded people can connect is just another way to help more people live fit and be well.

We're excited to launch Mighty Fit and hope you'll enjoy our quality workouts and content. We'll release new workouts every week to keep you moving. We intentionally priced our plans to be mighty affordable, so join today and share our site with your friends. We look forward to being your fitness partner.