It’s only human to want to try new things and challenge ourselves. We look forward to what is new. We like to try new food places. We like new adventures and new hobbies and new partners and… oh, wait… I mean new shoes and new clothes and…  well, you get the point!

Sometimes we have to push ourselves out of our comfort zones to create some ‘new’ in our lives. This is not always something that comes easy or something which comes naturally.

Changing jobs is one example. Leaving a job to go out on our own or going for a new position requires us to leave the comfort of what we know right now. The change may not feel right because it doesn’t feel safe. We like safe. Quite often we like safe more than we like new!

Why do we like safe over new? It’s because safe has more certainty. New, could be safe or it might not work as well as our current ‘safe’ does.

Back to changing jobs. When we keep doing the same job and keep getting paid, it becomes what we know and what we know how to do. Thus, it becomes safe.  However, we really can only grow in life if we take a little risk and make ourselves a bit uncomfortable. That is where the magic happens. Where the safe zone gets a little uncertain and that’s where the growth into a new path takes place.

We naturally want to be part of the herd. We also celebrate those who go out on their own because they are so few and far between.

Following the same path as others will only get you to the same destination. Push yourself away from the pack. Move down your own path. Don’t be afraid to break out on your own. Many people won’t do it. They simply aren’t willing to do anything out of their safe, comfort zone.

At least one time in life everyone should experience and feel the exhilaration of being unique. This can come from simply putting the effort in on something that is for themselves. To move them down the path toward a destination they have been dreaming about or that isn’t quite the same as where the pack is headed. Manifest your aspirations and set your sights on doing what it takes to get you there.

Passion, hard work, and dedication are the ingredients to get you there. Don’t just play it safe.

I challenge YOU… to find some NEW.