Mighty Fit is an online community of fitness professionals who want to share their talent and passion for fitness with the world. It's for people of all ages and fitness levels who are committed to living their best selves by focusing on the positive and embracing a healthy lifestyle. 




Yoga Sculpt Instructor & Founder

After years of playing basketball, weight lifting, and killin' obstacle course races, Jon discovered yoga and loved what it did for his his mind and body. What began as a hobby turned into a passion where he got certified as a Yoga Sculpt Instructor and connected with people who shared his commitment to healthy living.


Mighty Fit was started to bring his profession (video production) and his passion (fitness) together to offer fun, challenging, and affordable workouts and information about healthy living to the world. Through Mighty Fit, Jon strives to support the success of certified fitness professionals by showcasing their talent and passion via high quality videos that help people of all ages and fitness levels to be fit and live well.  


Get Inspired by Our Featured Instructors & Coaches
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200 hour certified fitness instructor

Heather's love of fitness began in college and has continued throughout her life. A certified fitness and yoga instructor, her goal is to introduce others to the magic of yoga by skillfully moving and energizing their bodies. Connect with Heather on Linked In

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JADE Butler

200 hour certified yoga instructor

Yoga with Jade is a journey through the breath and body, being guided gracefully with clear and easy to follow instructions. Flow through an eclectic sequence of yoga poses, while gaining strength, flexibility and balance of the body and mind. Connect with Jade at Yoga with Jade.

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CHRIS Carlock

Certified life coach

Chris is passionate about personal fitness and living life to the fullest. As a personal coach, Chris strives to help people achieve their personal and professional goals. He brings his commitment to personal development to the Mighty Fit community by contributing inspiring and motivating content. Connect with Chris at ChrisCarlock.com.

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Certified personal fitness trainer

Growing up, Laura was a competitive athlete which led her to appreciate the power of a strong, healthy body. As a certified personal trainer, she works with a variety of people from those with sedentary lifestyles to athletes specializing in functional training, core strengthening, and overall sports specific performance. Her main goal is to help her clients create a healthy lifestyle, so they can maintain their results for the rest of their life.

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200 hour certified yoga instructor

McKenna specializes in high-intensity, intuitive yoga flows. Her accessible, light-hearted approach to the practice will surely leave a smile on your face and a fullness in your heart. Above all, McKenna hopes you leave her class feeling stretched, worked, soothed, and free to be you. Connect with her on Instagram @kendiv.


MARISOL Gramlich

Certified fitness instructor

Marisol's workouts will challenge and inspire you. A mother, avid runner, and personal trainer, she brings energy and optimism to her practice. Marisol's personal journey to being fit and living well motivates her to create workouts that are fun and rewarding. Connect with Marisol at

Marisol Fitness.



 500 hour certified yoga instructor

Joshua found community through pilates and yoga and now builds community as an instructor. His personal journey of going from nearly to 300lbs to 155lbs through fitness and diet is an inspiration for all of us. He brings his passion for life and living well into his teaching. Connect with Joshua at OmtoHomeyf.com.


JAMIE McCandless

 200 hour certified fitness instructor

Jamie or JMac for short, loves being active and getting outside. Obsessed with all things health, wellness, and fitness you can usually find her teaching yoga, in the kitchen making something nutritious, or reading up on the newest health trends. Connect with Jamie on Instagram at @moveandbewell_.

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APRIL Mosebrook

 200 hour certified yoga instructor

In practice and as a certified instructor, April loves the physicality and spirituality of yoga. She’s also an overall fitness fanatic who enjoys most activities that get her MOVING! In addition to being a pharmaceutical rep, April is the lead singer/founder of the award-winning cover band, April and the Funk Junkies, and the founding creative director of Bucket List Broadway, a musical theatre workshop for adults. Connect with April on Linked In


TAMARA Rodriguez

600 hour certified yoga instructor

A professional dancer and musician from Monterrey, Mexico, Tamara's classes are full of personality and energy. She's a highly skilled instructor with credentials in Iyengar, power, Bikram, and sculpt yoga practice. Connect with Tamara at Tamaraonline.net. 



200 hour certified yoga instructor

After being diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Kajal found comfort, relief, and inspiration through yoga. She brings a beautiful and authentic presence to her yoga classes which she attributes to her experiences in growing up in India. Connect with Kajal at KajalVora.com or

fb: kajalvoraSanDiego 
ig: yogaandwellnesswithkajal


ALLY Wettengel

500 hour certified yoga instructor

Ally is a yoga and life coach who  specializes in empowerment through movement and mindfulness. She is an internationally trained yoga instructor (Australia, Bali, Thailand, and the US) who teaches powerful, energetic, and engaging yoga and sculpt classes. Connect with Ally at The Spirit Bird Life.